Most upper-crust millennial businesswomen, between 25 and 34 years of age and making more than $75,000 a year, usually travel less than once a month; 78% of them, in fact, according to our Business Travel survey.  So what does this have to do with your brand? Everything! If this group is part of your target audience, and your content messages aren’t speaking directly to them, you might be missing the boat. Figuratively, of course. 

Meet Sydney

Sydney represents the upper-crust millennial female business traveler of now: 25-34 years old making more than $75k/year income.


Her behaviors 

  • Sydney’s typical spend on business travel is between $100-$250 on a hotel room(45.6% of survey respondents), and between $20-$100 a month on dine-in restaurants ($52 of survey respondents).
  • When choosing lodging, Sydney believes Price (72.6%), Cleanliness (62%), and Proximity (58.9%) are most important.
  • Per year, Sydney spends less than $500 on consumer electronics (75.8% of survey respondents) and less than $250 on clothing and accessories (78.9% of survey respondents).
  • When she’s not traveling for business, she spends $1,000 or less per year on personal travel (74.2% of survey respondents).
  • Ultimately, she likes receiving discounts and promotions (57.8% of survey respondents), and price (72%) and quality of product/service (77.5%) are her purchase motivators.


Her attitudes

  • Sydney is pretty comfortable with business travel. If you ask her, she’ll tell you that she disagrees with the statement, “I feel like I live out of my suitcase.” (58.5% of survey respondents)
  • But ask her if she thinks traveling for business is a chore, and she’ll agree (54.4% of survey respondents).
  • Although Sydney realizes she’s traveling for business, she definitely enjoys a bit of sightseeing after business is done (84.4% of survey respondents).
  • Left to her own choosing, she greatly prefers to stay at hotels that cater to her business traveler needs (77.2% of survey respondents).
  • If Sydney lives a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to her that she maintains it while traveling for business (80% of survey respondents).


How you can use this information now

By knowing these specific tidbits about your audience, you can begin writing content and planning strategies that resonate with them the most. Here are just a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Evaluate your pricing. Knowing how much Sydney spends on a hotel room, you may need to evaluate your own pricing strategy. If you feel your product is worth the higher price, you better be willing to craft content that communicates how your high price can alleviate her traveling pain points. Otherwise, you’ll lose Sydney, and those like her, to your competitors.
  • Let her attitudes (likes and dislikes) lead the way. So she likes promotions and deals? It sounds like a holiday or weekend promotion could catch her attention. Speaking to her likes and dislikes will put you above your competition and have her searching you out the next time she goes to book her business travel. If you can capture her email, even better! Send her emails each time you have a promo she can’t resist.
  • Think outside the business traveler box. 68% of this group has children, while 60% of them are either married or living with a partner. With that information, think of how you can speak to their personal lives. You might be reaching her on her business email, but what about her personal social channels? Promoting your brand and content that speaks to her personal life on her personal social channels will increase your brand awareness in no time.
  • Show her how to make her life easier. Although Sydney isn’t put out by business travel, does having your product make it easier? It’s not enough to tell her; you have to show her. Whether an infographic or video, visual content is king. In case you need more convincing, it’s been proven that consumers are 85% more likely to buy after watching a product video1. That’s huge! Need help getting started with videos? Visit The Quick-and-Simple Guide to Getting Started With Video Content.

Knowing how your exact target audience ticks is essential to writing winning content. The more you know about them and their attitudes toward certain products, the better you’ll be able to identify pain points and show them that your product or service is what they need. 

Think your content is ready for Sydney’s eyes and ears? Test it out on the Storylift platform today.



1Aunger, Matt. “The Quick-and-Simple Guide to Getting Started with Video Content.” Buffersocial. June 8, 2015. Web 17 November 2015.

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