If you’re a marketer in the travel and tourism industry, you’re probably inundated with research on buyer personas and consumer insights. But most research studies don’t actually tell you how your audience feels about their travel planning.

Advanced targeting technology now allows you to uncover attitudinal behaviors of your targeted readers. Imagine the content you could create and distribute if you only knew how people felt about the following:

  • Long weekend trips are better than one extended vacation.
  • I look for the best deal and price no matter what the hotel or airline is.
  • If my favorite airline is more expensive, I will still fly it.
  • When I travel, I would rather stay in the US than travel internationally.
  • Important lodging factors.
  • And more!

Attitudinal targeting works by layering demographics and behaviors on top of certain attitudes your audience has about travel planning, resulting in a more narrow segment for personalized content distribution. For example, you can layer the following behaviors into your customer profile:

  • Personal Travel Frequency
  • Personal Travel Activities
  • Expected Travel Budget
  • Preferred Airlines
  • Travel Plans

Using social media to conduct research on consumers who can’t be reached anywhere else, we’re able to build custom target audience profiles based on the unique characteristics of your vacation planner. Your personalized content can then be distributed directly to those segments with digital advertising campaigns that can be launched directly through the software.

It’s much easier to understand by taking the technology for a test run yourself, and it’s now at your fingertips. Go to our Get Started page and choose the Travel category to dig in!

Watch the video below to learn more about how attitudinal targeting works with the Storylift software.