Political advertising is in full swing with the upcoming Presidential election as well as other state and local campaigns. It’s pretty easy to target these campaigns based on standard geographic, demographic and even behavioral characteristics. But what if you could target your political advertising campaigns even more accurately? What if you could target potential voters based on their attitudes about specific social, economic and policy issues?

Advanced targeting technology now allows you to target digital advertising campaigns based on attitudinal behaviors of your target audience. For example, let’s take some attitudes and characteristics of targeted readers for a political campaign. Here are some more advanced ways you can target them based on their attitudes about:

  • Religious preferences
  • Social issues
  • Economic issues
  • Domestic policy issues
  • Foreign policy issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Education issues
  • Immigration issues

Consumer insights based on attitudinal behaviors can help you develop content strategies and target your content distribution based on how potential voters feel about issues your candidate supports or opposes.

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