Advanced targeting technology now allows you to target digital advertising campaigns based on attitudinal behaviors of your target audience. Let’s take some attitudes and characteristics of targeted readers for an automotive advertising campaign. Here are some advanced ways you can target potential car buyers based on their attitudes about:

  • Purchasing vehicles made in the USA is important to them.
  • They buy for quality, regardless of price.
  • They prefer to shop for vehicles online rather than in store.
  • They just need their vehicle to be reliable.
  • Safety is their first priority.
  • And more!

Consumer insights based on attitudinal behaviors can help you develop content strategies and target your content distribution based on how potential buyers feel about their next car purchase.

Watch the video below to learn more about How Attitudinal Targeting Works, or take the advanced targeting technology for a test run yourself on our Get Started page. Simply choose the Automotive consumer category, and dig in!