Just under 50% of senior male drivers say they make between $30k and $75K a year, according to our latest General Automotive survey. With that information, can your brand craft content messages that speak directly to this group? If so, let’s see what else we know about them.


Meet Roger. Roger represents the senior driver of now: 65+ years of age, and making between $30k and $75k a year. He has either a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree (63% of survey respondents), and he owns/leases two vehicles (50.9% of survey respondents).


His behaviors

  • In addition to Facebook, Roger uses YouTube on a regular basis (52% of survey respondents). TWEET THIS! (select stat to tweet) 52% of senior male drivers use YouTube on a regular basis.
  • Roger isn’t a big spender. According to the survey, he spends $0 - $20 each on pet supplies (47.2% of respondents), and on beer, wine, and liquor (59.8% of respondents) each month.
  • He doesn’t spend any money ($0) on concerts, sports, or events (69.2% of respondents), or on DVDs/Pay-per-view (65.4% of respondents) each month.
  • Roger does, however, spend up to $250 on consumer electronics (51.9% of survey respondents) each month.

His attitudes

  • Roger likes to go on long road trips, and 83.9% of survey respondents agree with him.
  • When describing himself, Roger says he considers himself a car enthusiast (62.4% of survey respondents).
  • Roger will most likely buy his next primary vehicle instead of leasing it (80.6% of survey respondents. Of those, 41% say they will buy new, while 36.5% will go used.) TWEET THIS! (select stat to tweet) 80.6% of senior male drivers will most likely buy their next primary vehicle vs. lease.
  • Roger looks for the best rebates and incentives when purchasing a new vehicle (75.9% of survey respondents).
  • He also likes having the option to customize a new vehicle to his particular taste (72.7% of survey respondents).
  • Purchasing a vehicle made in the USA is important to Roger (76.9% of respondents).


Use this information now

By knowing these specific tidbits about your audience, you can begin planning strategies and writing content that resonates with them the most. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Evaluate social strategy. Knowing where Roger spends his online time, you may need to evaluate your social strategy. Since YouTube is one of the social platforms most commonly used by Roger for consuming content, creating videos might be the way to go. Ideas like automobile maintenance, driving tips, and how to choose a new or used car would be a great place to start.
  • Let his attitudes (likes and dislikes) lead the way. Roger says he likes long road trips. Does your product enhance his trips and make them more enjoyable? He also looks for rebates and promotions when purchasing a car. Why not run a promotion on your product? It’s a grand slam for Roger if you can create content that speaks to those two likes. TWEET THIS! (select stat to tweet) Let your audience’s likes and dislikes lead the way [of your content marketing strategy].
  • Think outside the senior driver box. 79.2% of men in this group read reviews for vehicles they are considering purchasing. With this information, perhaps you should consider connecting with an automobile influencer. If Roger relies heavily on the reviews of others, getting in with an automobile influencer sets you up for success. Again, consider making an informative video and posting it on YouTube.
  • Show him you have local roots. Purchasing a car made in the USA is important to Roger. If you can show him how America’s roots run through your veins, you’ll likely hook him. He may need a little more convincing, but you’ll be one step closer to his top-of-mind awareness than before.

Knowing how your exact target audience ticks is essential to writing winning content. The more you know about them and their attitudes toward certain products, the better you’ll be able to identify pain points and show them that your brand is what they need.

Think your content is ready for Roger’s eyes and ears? Test it out on the Storylift platform today.


Senior Males in the Driver's Seat

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