Meet Carolyn. Carolyn represents the seasoned female fashion lover, 45-64 years of age and making up to $50k a year (71.2% of survey respondents). She is married (53.7% of respondents), possesses a high school diploma (53.5% of survey respondents), and has no children (62% of survey respondents). 

About Carolyn

  • In addition to Facebook, Carolyn uses Pinterest (56.7% of survey respondents) on a regular basis.
  • Carolyn isn’t a drinker. She spends no money on beer, wine, or liquor each month (51.2% of survey respondents).
  • She is interested in home décor/furnishing and spends between $100 and $250 each month on those items (57.8% of survey respondents).
  • Carolyn is not much of a gardener and spends less than $100 each month on gardening and landscaping (64.4% of survey respondents).
  • Her monthly spend on clothing and accessories is $250 or less per month (88.3% of survey respondents).
  • Carolyn owns either a small or midsize sedan, or a small SUV (79.2% of survey respondents).
  • When she donates to charities each month, Carolyn donates $100 or less (63.3% of survey respondents).
  • Carolyn’s purchase motivators include price (88% of survey respondents) and quality of product or services (74.5% of survey respondents).

Use this information now

By knowing these specific tidbits about your audience, you can begin planning strategies and writing content that resonates with them the most. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Evaluate your social strategy. Knowing where Carolyn spends her online time, you may need to evaluate your social strategy. Since Pinterest is one of the social platforms she uses most, creatingenticingand buyable pins might be the way to go. Images that showcase user-generated content or style tips are sure to catch Carolyn’s attention. Once you attract her, you can then draw her back to your site to purchase the product or service you’re offering.
  • Draw connections. Carolyn may not be an alcohol drinker, but her car choice tells you a lot—she wants the room, but maybe not necessarily the size. With the majority of women like Carolyn driving sedans, you might find a common theme between your product and what they like most about that type of car. An article about how your jacket packs into a super small pouch, leaving space for other important things in her car or purse, might just pique her interest!
  • Appeal to her inner Good Samaritan. Carolyn believes in charitable causes. If your brand donates a portion of your profits to a charity, she may be willing to kill two birds with one stone—buy your product and donate to a good cause. How can you make a connection or partner with a charity to promote your brand?


Knowing how your exact target audience ticks is essential to writing winning content. The more you know about them and their attitudes toward certain products, the better you’ll be able to identify pain points and show them that your brand is what they need.


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