Meet Ryder. Ryder represents 72% of males, age 13-24, who are single and have some pretty interesting attitudes toward dining out. In our latest Quick-Serve Restaurant survey, we learned what makes Ryders tick.


Ryder's behaviors

  • In addition to Facebook, Ryder uses YouTube on a regular basis to consume content (82.1% of survey respondents). {SELECT TO TWEET: 82% of young-ish males use YouTube on a regular basis.} 
  • Surprisingly or not, Ryder isn’t a big spender on food. According to the survey, Ryder spends less than $50 each month on dine-in restaurants (60.3% of survey respondents) and fast food restaurants (59.1% of survey respondents).
  • When Ryder dines out, it’s less than once a week at sit-down restaurants (49.6% of survey respondents), and 2-3 times a week at quick-service restaurants (30.6% of survey respondents). And he usually eats with his friends (57% of survey respondents).
  • Ryder says that factors like price (78.7% of survey respondents) and quality of product/service (62.7% of survey respondents) influence his purchase decision.

Ryder's attitudes

  • Ryder usually likes a brand on Facebook to show his support for the company to others (46.9% of survey respondents), and/or to receive discounts and promotions (41.2% of survey respondents).
  • If Ryder dines with his kids and/or spouse/significant other, it’s usually the kids/spouse/significant other who decides where to eat (66% of survey respondents).
  • He agrees that dining out is easier than preparing a meal at home (69.8% of survey respondents). {SELECT TO TWEET: 69.8% of young-ish male diners feel it is easier to dine out than to prepare a meal at home.}
  • Ryder will dine out to celebrate special occasions (87.2% of survey respondents).
  • Although Ryder enjoys a promotion or discount, he disagrees with the statement, “I only go out to eat when a restaurants is offering a special promotion or menu items.” (66.3% of survey respondents).
  • On average, Ryder doesn’t post reviews for restaurants (52.6% of survey respondents).
  • And he typically dines at quick-serve restaurants between 5pm and 8pm (51.5% of survey respondents).


Use this information now

By knowing these specific tidbits about your audience, you can begin planning strategies and writing content that resonates with them the most. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Evaluate social strategy. Knowing where Ryder spends his online time, you may need to evaluate your social strategy. Since YouTube is one of the social platforms most commonly used by Ryder for consuming content, have you considered creating videos that you can host on a YouTube channel? Ideas like a historical journey of how your restaurant came to be, or showing behind-the-scenes snippets from a partnering event can go a long way in showing how you’re more than just a restaurant. {SELECT TO TWEET: Identify where you customer consumes content, then make that channel part of your content marketing strategy.}
  • Let his attitudes (likes and dislikes) lead the way. Ryder agrees that dining out is easier than cooking at home. Capitalize on that by creating content that shows the benefits of eating out—no burns or ruined clothes, no dirty dishes, and a personalized chef who cooks for you. Who doesn’t love that?
  • Think outside the Ryder box. If Ryder’s kids and/or spouse/significant other usually decide where to eat, think of them as your target audience, too. Create content they would find interesting (like a computer game or activity pages on your site), and soon, Ryder will be surrounded by your brand. Even better, sponsor or partner with a brand or event geared towards children.
  • Capitalize on user-generated content. If Ryder participates in social media, he might be creating his own restaurant-related content. Keep watch on accounts like his, and participate by liking, following, and commenting to show you’re paying attention and are engaged.


Knowing how your exact target audience ticks is essential to writing winning content. The more you know about them and their attitudes toward certain products, the better you’ll be able to identify their pain points and show them that your brand is what they need.

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