You’ve probably heard it a million times—your organization needs a content marketing strategy.  But what if you happen to be in an industry that is painfully, mind-numbingly boring? 

Is your blog doomed?  Should you scrap your content marketing strategies and rely on other digital marketing strategies?  Of course not!

No matter what the subject matter is, there are plenty of ways to liven up your content and keep your readers engaged.  Whether you are an industry expert or writing for a client in a boring industry, here are few content marketing strategies that will help you transform dull topics into content that will grab the attention of your audience and hold them until the end.


Attain a Deeper Understanding of the Topic

In school, everyone had that one subject they couldn’t stand. For me, it was math. I just couldn’t grasp it! Why did we dread these subjects?  In most cases, it was because we simply didn’t understand them. Same is true for a boring content topic.

Writing for a client in a boring industry isn’t fun in the beginning.  You know little about the topic at hand and it seems daunting, right?  This feeling usually changes once you learn more about the subject matter and have more than a basic understanding.

This is why some individuals are seen as “nerds” when it comes to their industry topic. The deeper your knowledge on the topic, the easier it can be to liven up your content. Have you ever been talking to someone who knows so much about a subject that they get incredibly enthusiastic? That’s what we mean. People who know a lot about a subject are not only more excited about the subject, but they have a deeper knowledge of it, which can sometimes open the doors for creativity.  Use your excitement and imagination to make your content more interesting.


Use Rich Media

Remember when you were little and you would search for the perfect book? Which was more enticing? The illustrated book with fun pictures and colors, or the book with nothing but words? Count me in for the book with images! Heck, I’m looking at pictures in magazines over the articles today, too!

Whether your topic is dull or naturally exciting, using rich media such as photos, videos or infographics is an effective way to keep your readers engaged with your content. Rich media can also make it easier for us to visualize complex information.

Why are images, videos, and infographics so effective?  According to the Social Science Research Network, it may be because 65 percent of the population is made up of visual learners.

If you’re having to break down boring information, consider hiring a designer from Dribbble (yes, with three b’s) to help you create an exciting infographic.  Then, use Storylift’s advanced targeting capabilities to put it in front of the right audience.


Write Around the Topic

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in; coming up with fresh ideas for your content can be challenging.  There are only so many blog posts you can write on credit union software or HVAC systems before you start repeating yourself.

To fuel your content marketing strategy for the long term, try dedicating a portion of the content to your main topic and use the rest to talk about a related, but more interesting topics. 

For example, you could write a few paragraphs telling an interesting story about going through a blisteringly hot summer without air conditioning and then use the rest of the blog post to help readers choose the right HVAC system.  You can also weave in local events or recent news that relates to your topic to keep things relevant for your audience.


Don’t Forget to Be Human

You may be wondering how you could possibly not be human.  As any content marketer will tell you, it’s easy to lose the human element in your voice when writing about a boring topic.

This is especially true when we’re throwing around facts and figures.  Oftentimes, we are so desperate to prove our point and relay factual information that we forget to speak in a conversational tone! 

Use the first draft of the content to get your information down.  Then, go back through and write in a more conversational tone using the words “you” and “we.”  This will make the reader feel as though you are talking directly to them and not regurgitating information like a robot.


Inspire Trust in Your Readers

Many boring topics are also extremely important to the health and well-being of the reader (i.e., healthcare).  Most readers are probably not going to check the accuracy of each claim you make in your content, which means that they are putting their trust in you and your organization to provide them with accurate information.

One of the best ways to instill trust in your content marketing is to be consistent—namely, in your brand voice.  A consistent brand voice is relatable, familiar to the reader, and inspires them to keep returning to you for informative content.


Add Some Humor

According to the Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute, humor causes us to react emotionally because it is unexpected.  When discussing uninteresting topics, humor is even more unexpected and, as a result, it can be an effective way to keep your reader engaged.

Take the Allstate Mayhem commercials, for example.  Although we need car insurance, most people don’t find the topic to be particularly exciting.  Despite the serious subject matter, Allstate managed to use humor to grab their audience’s attention and effectively convey their message. 

Don’t be afraid to crack a joke in your content every now and then.  Just be sure to run your jokes past others to ensure they don’t offend anyone!


Use Social Proof

As an expert in your niche, you have knowledge that can potentially solve problems for your target market.  How do you convey this expertise without coming across as a total bore?

Easy—use social proof such as testimonials, reviews, and case studies in your content marketing! These are powerful forms of social proof that work extremely well for most industries, but they are especially helpful if your niche is rather dull.

By asking your customers to write reviews and testimonials, you’re giving your audience the opportunity to hear in your customer’s own words how your business helped them solve their problems.  It’s more relatable, easily digestible, and far more compelling than simply telling your audience how valuable your product or industry is.



Not everyone has the luxury of writing about fun, naturally exciting topics.  However, this doesn’t mean that content marketing can’t work for your organization.  There are plenty of unique ways to liven up a boring topic and use your content marketing to drive traffic and sales.

In addition to the tips above, don’t forget to optimize your content for maximum visibility.  Create engaging headlines, break up large paragraphs for easier readability, and have a content distribution plan that gets the right audience reading your content.