Is your blog not getting nearly as much attention as you hoped?  You’re not alone.  There are many business owners who have started a blog, only to find that no one is reading it.

Your content is amazing and your blog is optimized for SEO.  What more could you possibly do to attract more readers and successfully scale your blog?

Before you give up on creating valuable content for your readers, here are a few simple ways you can increase your subscriber count and get more eyeballs on your content.  Try these tactics to keep readers engaged with your blog and coming back for more:

Make it Easy to Subscribe

This seems obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many websites don’t have blog subscription boxes. Worse yet, make them ridiculously difficult to find.  If you want more subscribers to your blog, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to sign up.

When it comes to designing and positioning your subscription button, keep things simple and position it above the fold.  In the same subscription module, you should include social media buttons to encourage follows and shares. 

Also, don’t make readers fill out multiple forms just to subscribe to your blog—just get their email.  You can ask them for additional information later when you have established a deeper relationship.

Add an Opt-In Pop-Up

It’s always a win when readers look for the subscribe button on their own.  However, others will need a little more encouragement.

With an opt-in pop-up, you can capture additional email addresses and significantly increase your subscribers.  These can be created in various ways, depending on which blogging platform or email service provider you use. 

Just be sure that you don’t trigger your pop-up too early, otherwise you might scare away your readers before they finish reading your article.  Set your pop-up to appear after they have scrolled to the bottom of your page.  This is when most have decided whether your content was worth reading and if they would like to read more.  

Promote Your Blog to the Right Audience

After spending hours creating awesome content, it’s a huge disappointment to see little to no traffic to your blog.  Why is no one reading your content?

You may be simply targeting the wrong audience.  This is a common mistake that can make your blogging efforts fruitless unless you do something about it. 

We know this is a shameless plug, but our platform can easily target your audience based on their demographics, behavior, location, interests, and more to put your content in front of those who will actually read it.  This way, your content creation efforts aren’t wasted and you can maximize the impact of your content marketing.

Leverage Email Marketing

If you are using email marketing and have a high-quality email list, why wouldn’t you want to promote your blog to these valuable subscribers?  By doing so, you can nurture your email list with your blog and gain new blog subscribers in the process.

For this strategy to be effective, it’s important that you segment your email list and promote blog posts that are highly relevant to your subscribers.  This could mean segmenting your email list by their interests, demographics, or location and then send them different blog posts that cater to specifically to each subscriber.  You are guaranteed to gain a few loyal subscribers this way.

Move Them Through a Funnel

Marketing funnels aren’t often used to nudge consumers into making a purchase, but they can be used to encourage users to take any action you wish.  In this case, marketing funnels can be used to turn your blog’s visitors into valuable subscribers.

If you have a blog subscription box on your homepage, then you’re already halfway there.  You’ve made it easy for readers who are currently reading your blog to subscribe.  But what if they come from another marketing channel such as Facebook?

To encourage these visitors to subscribe, you should consider creating a blog subscription landing page.  This way, you won’t be directing them to a homepage where they could potentially be distracted.  By giving them a clear path to subscribe, they will be less likely to lose focus and more likely to convert.

Find Gaps in Your Competitor’s Strategy

You may have heard the phrase, “If you build it, they will come.”  Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply if your competition’s blog is vastly outperforming your own.

If you want your blog to be better than the rest, you need to offer something valuable that your readers can’t get from your competitors.  To do this, you need to research your competition and identify the gaps in their content strategy.

Once you know your competition’s weak spots, you can create content that fills the gaps in their strategies.  Or, you can simply expand upon a topic that they didn’t cover in detail.  Over time, readers will identify your blog as the go-to place to get their information.

Engage in Online Forums

Hanging around online forums in your niche is a good idea for many reasons, one of which is that it can help you drive traffic and subscribers for your blog.  The key here is to provide help without seeming overly promotional.

For example, let’s say that your blog is about makeup for those with sensitive skin.  By participating in online forums related to this niche, you can engage with your target audience and provide valuable information to them.  If the moment is right, you can post a link to your blog and tell the user why they might find it helpful.

This is a great way to drive high-quality traffic to your blog.  However, just be aware that some sites don’t take kindly to self-promotional posts.  Read the forum guidelines and get the lay of the land before you make a plug for your blog!

Start Guest Posting

Guest posting is commonly used for backlink building, but it has several other benefits as well.  In addition to helping you establish yourself as an authority in your niche, guest blogging can also drive online traffic to your website and increase your blog readership.

Before writing any guest posts, you need to have your subscription box set up so that you can easily gain more subscribers.  Also, be sure to have an informative “About Me” page to let new visitors know who you are and what experience you have in your niche. 

After you have taken care of those details, you simply need to form partnerships with other bloggers who are in related niches.  For instance, if your business sells pet food, you could post on a healthy lifestyle blog and write about the importance of good nutrition for dogs.  This will drive traffic back to your blog and can potentially earn you valuable subscribers as well.


By now, most people know that creating high-quality content is essential to gaining new blog subscribers.  But with digital marketers investing more into content marketing in recent years, you need better advice than simply to “write better content.”

You’ve got to become strategic with your blog if you want to gain more subscribers.  With the tactics we’ve just listed, you can turn casual visitors into valuable readers who hang onto your every word.