The targeting capabilities of social media advertising platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have come a long way in recent years. Today, digital advertisers can target their marketing content based on demographics, interests and behaviors. They can even retarget content based on email distribution lists and recent website visitors. It’s amazing, right!

What if someone could figure out a way to distribute content even more accurately than today’s standards? What if the technology already existed that dug deeper into your consumers’ attitudes? Their feelings. Predispositions. Motivations. Love. Hate. Fear. Enjoyment.

The technology is here! With advanced targeting research, Storylift focuses on the hard science of market research to uncover attitudinal behaviors and preferences of your target audience. Using social media to conduct research on consumers who can’t be reached anywhere else, we have the ability to build custom target audience profiles based on the unique characteristics of your consumer.  

Golf Club Example

Your company sells high-end golf clubs and has a new driver on the market. The estimated audience size of readers interested in golf is 21 million. You want to hone in on that audience to target only those golfers who:

  1. Enjoy hitting the ball further than any their friends.
  2. Have a lot of influence on where my group plays.
  3. Enjoy taking golf trips. 
  4. Take the most pride in my short game. 
  5. Enjoy playing golf with my spouce/significant other.

Based on those three attitudes, our advanced targeting technology brings the estimated audience size down from 21 million to 503,115 potential readers. You can layer even more objective research into the standard targeting options to refine your audience further and more accurately. Go to the Get Started page, and click on the Golf channel to take the technology for a spin like we did here.