According to our latest Pet Supply survey, pet supply buyers have specific attitudes when it comes to their pet supplies. Let’s take a quick look into what makes this unique group tick. 

Meet Sharon. 

Sharon represents the middle-aged female pet lover, 35-54 years of age, and making between $50k and $150k a year (43.7% of survey respondents). She is married (66.8% of respondents) and also possesses a high school diploma (42.3% of survey respondents). 

Her behaviors

  • In addition to Facebook, Sharon uses YouTube (70.2% of survey respondents) on a regular basis.
  • Sharon spends between $20 and $100 on pet supplies per month (61.8% survey respondents).
  • Sharon doesn’t spend any money ($0), however, on baby and children’s supplies each month (54.3% of survey respondents).
  • When shopping for groceries each month, Sharon spends anywhere from $250 to $750 (70% of survey respondents).
  • Purchase motivators for Sharon include price (77.7% of survey respondents) and quality of product or service (67.3% of survey respondents).
  • In addition to pet supply retailers, Sharon has shopped at the following types of retailers in the last 30 days: Grocery (92.3% of survey respondents), Home improvement (71.7% of survey respondents), Clothing (69.9% of survey respondents), Sporting goods/outdoors (58.9%) 

Her attitudes towards pet supply products

  • It is important to Sharon to purchase products made in the USA (89.8% of survey respondents).
  • Sharon sometimes sticks to a certain brand when she buys (75% of survey respondents).
  • If Sharon considers an item of high quality, she will pay more for the item (88.8% of survey respondents).
  • You may sometimes find Sharon wandering around a store and picking up items as she notices them (73.3% of survey respondents).
  • Sharon likes being able to talk to a knowledgeable salesperson in a store (83.6% of survey respondents).
  • Before buying online, Sharon will look for discounts/promo codes (73.5% of survey respondents).


Use this information now

By knowing these specific tidbits about your audience, you can begin planning strategies and writing content that resonates with them the most. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Evaluate your social strategy. Knowing where Sharon spends her online time, you may need to evaluate your social strategy. Since YouTube is one of the social platforms she uses most, creating videos might be the way to go. Videos that show pet-training tips or tricks are a great way to build credibility with pet lovers. There’s nothing more valuable than a useful puppy-training tip when the newest member of the family won’t stop whining. (I wouldn’t know this from experience or anything…)
  • Show her you have local roots. Purchasing products made in the USA is important to Sharon. If you can show her how America’s roots run through your veins, you’ll likely hook her. A USA label on your products, paired with a quick lesson on your brand’s history, will for sure leave her feeling a special bond, and hopefully less likely to switch to a product or service that is made outside of her country.
  • Appeal to her inner discount diva. Sharon is willing to look for discounts and promo codes prior to purchasing an item online. Why not put a coupon code right in front of her by offering her a discount? Take it a step further by using the discount to encourage her to sign up for your newsletter. She gets a discount, and you get her email address for future promotions.
  • Encourage brand loyalty.  Sharon isn’t necessarily tied to a specific brand. If another brand goes on sale, she may jump ship. To keep her hooked on your product or service, give her a reason to stay. Offer her free gifts, discounts, and lots of valuable content, and show her you can alleviate her pain point. That way, she’ll think twice before switching brands to save a few pennies.


Knowing how your exact target audience ticks is essential to writing winning content. The more you know about them and their attitudes toward certain products, the better you’ll be able to identify pain points and show them that your brand is what they need.


Think your content is ready for Sharon’s eyes and ears? Test it out on the Storylift platform today.



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