He’s all we hear about these days: Trump, Trump, Trump! Every time we watch, listen, or look at media outlets, we’re bombarded with his face, his voice, and his messaging. Love or hate the guy, you have to give Donald Trump credit. Despite his recent presidential escapades, the Trump brand is undeniable.


How does this tie into your content marketing? Well, if you apply some of The Donald's tactics to your content marketing strategy, you may see the same kind of success...minus the bad publicity, hopefully. Let's review.


  1. He’s confident. A wavering Trump isn’t something we see often, if at all. He takes every rhetorical bull by its horns and addresses it—truthfully or not— with the confidence of Mighty Mouse. He speaks with conviction and pride, and he doesn’t back down when confronted. It seems people respect that and want to support it. Although we don’t recommend being rude or dismissive when it comes to your content marketing, we do suggest taking a strong stance and believing in your brand. The more confidence you project in your writing, the more confident your audience will be in your ability to solve their problems. If they can believe you’re the one to solve their problems, they’ll support you by purchasing and (hopefully) spreading the word.
  2. He’s authentic. Trump is clearly a no-bull kinda guy. He feeds the media, and in exchange, he receives FREE publicity. It’s media gold! Be it an act or not, his “meh” attitude, blunt personality, and “say what I mean” approach works. Being his authentic self has won him state after state, and it only continues. Your content should have the same vibe of authenticity. When creating pieces that your audience will consume, you should be writing in a tone that is authentic to your brand. Think of your value proposition, mission statement, and the reason your company exists. With those parts of the puzzle driving your content creation, you’re sure to receive positive feedback. Being your authentic self—personally, professionally, or presidentially— gets people to take notice.
  3. He presents something different. Trump gives people the unconventional. He is, in every sense of the word, the opposite of any and all traditional presidential candidates, and his supporters like that. They don’t want the same speeches, promises, and leadership that have been served in the past. They want something new and different, something that Trump is proudly giving them. The same should go for your content. When people consume what you put out there, they should be consuming something unique, new, and different. If it’s the same as what they can consume from some of your competitors, you’re bound for disaster. Think of what your competitors are saying and doing, and do more, but keep it on brand. Trump does this magnificently.
  4. He becomes the audience. Although recent Trump rallies have taken a violent turn, he’s undeterred. In fact, he takes every opportunity to excite the audience. If someone is getting escorted out of the rally, Trump eggs on the crowd’s supportive response. He becomes one of the audience members, giving his supporters someone to identify with—someone who tries to be like them instead of trying to lead them. If you can do this same thing with your content, you’ll win. Knowing exactly what makes your target audience tick helps you create better and more relevant content they will want to read. If you can speak directly to them and give  them something or someone to identify with, there is a higher potential they’ll become paying customers.
  5. He entertains. As if this isn’t the most obvious. Trump is making this election nothing short of incredibly entertaining—not only because of the election itself, but also because of the hours and hours of comedy material that’s rolled out as a result of his antics. A supporter or not, you can say there has been an abundance of instances that have given you pause. Unlike other presidential election races, this one is sure to go down in the history books as the most bizarre of them all. Now, we don’t recommend wildly disruptive and unbelievable content, but we do encourage you to think outside the box and pump up your content’s entertainment value. People don’t want to consume content that’s boring, which articles can often be. Think of how you can grab consumers’ attention, keep it, and have them sharing or talking about it with their friends and family. That’s what it’s about—organic growth.


There you have it—one more Trump article to keep your eyes rolling! Try as you might, you’ll never be able to escape The Donald!


Why not learn from his accomplishments, as they are, and make even stronger content to share with your consumers? If nothing else, let’s all thank Trump for providing such strong market research material. Of that, we’re all greatly appreciative.

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