Is Instagram part of your visual marketing strategy? Do you love connecting with your audience in a visual manner and wish there was more you could do to double-down on this powerful platform? You're in luck! Thanks to the growing interest in Instagram, entrepreneurs are creating a multitude of applications to use with the Instagram platform. If you want to turbocharge your Instagram marketing efforts, here are six tools for Instagram you probably didn't even know existed.



BrandFox lets Instagram users sell their photographs to businesses in need of custom content. Discover photos you can use on your company's website/blog and stand out from competitors. If you're tired of seeing the same stock photos online, BrandFox needs to be on your must-use resource list. Can you say supercharged Instagram ROI?


Social Feed

Another way to increase your Instagram marketing ROI is to update the way your Instagram images look on your business' website. Instead of relying on a sidebar widget to display your brand's Instagram feed, use Pixlee's Social Feed to automatically showcase your images and bright, bold, and beautiful color. Simply add a tiny snippet of code to your website and your Instagram shots will instantly be fed to your website visitors.



Grids is an awesome app every Instagram marketer should be using. Made for desktop users, Grids lets you discover Instagram images, upload your own content, communicate with other Instagram photographers, bookmark content, and even switch between multiple accounts. Think of Grids like a master control interface for easy Instagram marketing management.



Panoramic and 360-degree photos are all the rage right now. The Panosel app lets you instantly convert your panoramic iPhone photographs into Instagram carousel images. Open the Panosel app, choose your panoramic photo, and tap the slice button. Your photo will automatically be converted into carousel-ready images and uploaded to your Instagram account. Visual marketing doesn't get much easier, right?



If Instagram Stories are part of your content marketing strategy, Continual absolutely, positively needs to be integrated into your audience outreach plan. Continual makes it super simple to create extended length Instagram stories, instead of the short video snippets Instagram currently allows. Offer your audience engaging video content with real storytelling to make your brand stand out amongst the other Instagram Story users.



If the $7.99 price point of Continual is a little too steep for you at this time, check out CutStory. CutStory allows you to take long video content and cut it into smaller, ten-second clips that can be uploaded to your Instagram Stories. Although you might still be cut off during a sentence, at least now you won’t have to start it back over again in the next clip.


Becoming a marketing master on Instagram is easy if you pay attention to the growing number of tools being created by developers in the social media marketing space. Stop relying on the basic Instagram app; take your visual marketing to the next level with fabulous finds like these six Instagram tools.


Now, who is ready to rock their Instagram outreach efforts?