If digital marketing and customer experience are not on your radar of things to perfect this year and beyond, you may want to shift your thinking. In a recent SalesForce.com study, 2016 State of Marketing, “Digital is king, and the customer experience is the crown jewel.” In this article, we’ll dive into some of the findings and share tips on how you can ride into the future with great success.


Customer experience and the satisfaction that follows have historically fallen under the customer service department. But modern marketers are bringing customer experience and satisfaction under their own belts, making it one of their newest measures of success.


Furthermore, above both revenue growth and customer acquisition, 35% of marketers make customer satisfaction a top priority. With more and more information readily available, customers have even more choices and power. This puts them in the driver’s seat and steers marketers their way. If customers aren’t satisfied with your marketing, content, and overall brand experience, they are sure to leave you in the dust.


Although marketers are still heavily focused on brand awareness, a very close second has now become customer engagement, with 34% of marketers making it a top priority for 2016. That means that marketers are not only trying to differentiate their brand, but they are also looking for ways to make interacting with their brand a more personalized experience. It’s something with which many marketers struggle.


But if your customer engagement and satisfaction are already in tiptop shape, perhaps your digital game is lacking. If so, you better saddle up, because by 2020, marketing leaders will spend 75% of their total budgets on digital marketing versus traditional marketing, making the competition that more fierce. If that doesn’t give you a swift kick in the pants, how about this stat? 65% of marketing leaders plan to increase advertising spending on social platforms in the next 12 months!


So how can you bring your brand to the forefront of the customer satisfaction and engagement arena? Try these tips on for size:


  • Write Compelling Content: This goes without saying (or does it?): “I love reading super boring content that puts me to sleep,” said no one ever! In a recent article by The Guardian, “up to half of us are ‘often bored’ at home or at school, while two-thirds of us are chronically bored at work.” WHAT? Why is that? Well, according to the article, we are completely overstimulated. “The more we fill our world with fast-moving, high-intensity, ever-changing stimulation, the more we get used to it and the less tolerant we become to lower levels. So, while we should be knitting, playing checkers on the front porch, participating in outdoor sports, or keeping busy with other device-free activities, we are stuck in front of electronic screens that are zapping the life out our of our spongy minds. Devices are like horrible train wrecks that we can’t help but watch. Nevertheless, write compelling content. If you can hook your reader from the first sentence, they are sure to move onto the next nugget of engagement.
  • Show Enticing Imagery: Customers want a brand they can relate to. Stock images go only so far when it comes to grabbing customers’ attention, so think about creating your own imagery. You don’t need a super professional camera to take great shots. Think of your iPhone. So many people take amazing pictures with just their smartphones. Why can’t you? Also, while creating imagery to pair with social placement, be mindful of text, size, and imagery restrictions that may be (and are) on social media platforms. The last thing you need is to create an amazing, customer-engaging piece of content, only to have your image be the thing that kills the traffic. Do a little research before posting, and you are sure to win the imagery game.
  • Create Converting Landing Pages: Let’s talk about landing pages for a second. Landing pages are your time to shine. They help you move the customer along the sales funnel, which is why it’s so important to get them right. Landing pages that do more than sell your product are the clear winners. We realize the end result is to sell your product, but don’t be so brash. If a customer wants to buy your product or service, they will buy. So, what makes a good landing page? I refer you to “Three Ways to Make Your Landing Page Stand Out” by Business2Community.com. They explain that you should tailor your landing page to your audience, have a clear objective, and minimize text and maximize media—three very good tips for turning your landing page into a conversion vehicle. Need examples of great landing pages? Check these out.
  • Show a Clear Call To Action: Business2Community’s article touches on the importance of a clear objective when it comes to landing pages, but I want to dive into this important digital sales tool a little further. When it comes to calls to action, the clearer, the better. You should have only one call to action per page. Be it downloading an ebook or signing up for your newsletter, the call to action should be clear and easy for the user to complete, lest you be your own barrier to entry. And nobody wants that.
  • Partner Up: Once you’ve nailed down your digital and customer engagement and satisfaction content, consider partnering with a knowledgeable company to help make distribution painless and efficient. With 71% of top marketers currently advertising or planning to advertise on social platforms in the next 12 months, you can’t leave anything to waste. The competition will be fierce, and it will be survival of the fittest.


Digital spending and customer engagement and satisfaction are the way of the future. Don’t get discouraged. Look your competition square in the eye, and challenge them to a showdown. In the end, you’ll be the one on top because you knew what worked and what didn’t.



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