Are you blogging for your business, yet seeing lackluster results? Are you providing stellar content, yet not enjoying a corresponding increase in views? It might be time to upgrade your content distribution strategy. If you want to help spread your quality content to a wider audience, consider the following six tips: 

  1. Look for questions on Quora related to your content. Quora, the question-and-answer site that allows users to ask, answer, and edit a variety of questions, can be a great way to distribute your content. If you can provide a helpful answer and link to your content in your response, you will not only be providing insight on Quora, but also building your business' reputation. Quora users can read responses and upvote them. The more upvotes a response receives, the higher the chances of it being seen by a broader audience. So make it interesting and helpful! 
  2. Scour Google+ for a community relevant to your content. Google+’s slogan is “Real-life sharing rethought for the web.” Designed to replicate how people interact offline, Google+ allows you to post links to your content within industry or interest-related communities, along with a brief explanation of why Google+ users will find value in your content. Community groups allow for feedback that you can use to strengthen your current content or curate new topics. 
  3. Turn your written content into a slide presentation for Slideshare. Slideshare, LinkedIn’s slide-sharing site, allows users to consume content in smaller, more visual chunks. In addition, users can clip and share slides with friends and co-workers. Need more convincing? Check out this article on 10 ways Slideshare can benefit your social media strategy. Be sure to promote your Slideshare presentation on multiple social media networks, including Pinterest. 
  4. Convert your content into a video and upload it to YouTube. As with Slideshare, you don't need to get fancy: just summarize each paragraph of your content on a text-only slide, add background music (if you want), and upload your creation. Users can then comment and share the video on their social channels. Be sure to add relevant hashtags to your video's description to help viewers find your creation. 
  5. Use a tool like IFTTT to automatically share your content. A free web-based service that people use to create chains of simple conditional statements called applets, IFTTT is a great way to share your content to multiple social platforms. Use anything from WordPress recipes to LinkedIn or Medium recipes, and you'll be amazed at how quickly your content will spread. 
  6. Distribute your content using a paid service. Sometimes, all the posting and commenting in the world won’t distribute your content to the masses. To reach the best audience for your content, consider boosting it with a paid platform. Whether doing it yourself on Facebook or using Storylift’s content distribution platform, paying for a more precise reach can yield great benefits when the intended audience engages. A few dollars can really take your content to the next level. 

Getting more eyeballs on your content is easy if you're willing to be creative and varied with your approach. Don't just use the same sharing techniques over and over again. Branch out! With a little forethought and careful planning, you can drastically increase the number of views your content receives.