In order to get your target audience to embrace your brand's core message, it is important that your approach addresses both their problems and potential solutions while reinforcing your  brand’s story. Your strategy must also incorporate a content distribution plan so your content will reach them where they spend their time. Use the following tips to assist you in getting your brand's core message out to your intended target audience using an integrated approach that seamlessly maintains your brand's image.

Trigger Instant Brand Recognition

Your content marketing efforts should always have a specific purpose and create immediate recognition of your brand. Your target audience should be able to instantly recognize that the message is coming from your company.


The tone and style of your messaging should remain consistent across all formats. Moreover, your approach must transcend across all relevant channels that delivers a unified message. Doing so promotes immediate recognition of your brand and your company’s products or services.

Attitudinal and Preference-Based Targeting

Your content must reach your intended target audience on their preferred level of communication, whether that be the web, social, search or even traditional media. But where on the web? What social media channels? What search terms? To dig deeper into the preferences of your target audience, attitudinal targeting allows you to define how people think and feel relative to brands and industries. The message that you send can only be heard if the audience is interested in receiving it and active where you distribute your content.

To learn more about attitudinal targeting, these case studies from Trunk Club and an enterprise tech firm will shed some light on how it works.